Learning from our Students with Arhm Wild


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Beyond The Letters


Welcome to season two of Beyond the Letters!To kick things off, Kate and Maggie talk with guest Arhm Wild about supporting and learning from our students. They consider questions like, how can schools support their LGBTQ+ students when resources are limited? How does centering LGBTQ+ students benefit everyone? And how can teachers and school administrators communicate with hesitant parents?Arhm Choi Wild is the author of “Cut to Bloom,” a poetry collection published by Write Bloody Publishing in 2020. They have worked as an educator in New York City for the last 7 years, and is currently working as the Director of the Progressive Teaching Institute and Diversity Coordinator at a school in the Bronx. They hold a MFA in Poetry and a MS in Education and was named a finalist for the Jake Adam York Prize in 2019. Their work appears in The Queer Movement Anthology of Literatures, Barrow Street, The Massachusetts Review, Split this Rock, Hyphen, Foglifter, Lantern Review, F(r)iction, and other publications. They live in Brooklyn with their wife and 11 year old dog.