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Let's Fix Football


James Rushton and Evan Mateer help Gabe Lezra through his brutal struggle session hangover. It was rough, folks, he almost expired on-air (he's dead now RIP). They discuss the USSF's decision to hire lobbyists to argue against equal pay for women to the Democratic presidential candidates, and the incredibly dumb ongoing failure of the the Federation.  They also discuss some of the transfer deadline day news, and break down the absolute lunacy behind Paulo Dybala's life rights contract, which he signed with some sort of Argentine multi-level marketing scam company which now owns... all of his future? It's insane!  And, James walks Gabe and Evan through the catastrophic situation in the English Championship, where multiple teams are sitting on negative points because of financial catastrophe. And, of course, there's some sort of nuts clown criminal trying to buy one of the clubs to do money laundering.