Let's Talk League - Episode 13


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Let's Talk League


Hey there Let’s Talk League fam; we want to apologize about the audio quality for the first half of the recording. We’ve recently shifted over to OBS to record our videos, and in that change we realized too late the error with Big Spooky’s mic. :) The audio issue is fixed during the second half of the episode. In this episode of Let's Talk League, Big Spooky and Hoje recap their clash tournament, and review LCS teams up though their 5th week of LCS play. Then, Big Spooky interviews Anca, a Grandmaster Janna player from EUNE about playing support in high elo. You can reach out to them for questions and comments at the handles below:Gilbert 'Big Spooky' Ackerman, Instagram: @gilbo.swaggings - Twitter: @biggspookyJonathan 'Hoje' Leake, Instagram: @h0jemania - Twitter: @h0jemania You can watch this episode of Let’s Talk League on Youtube at the link here: https://youtu.be/jrJJ1HntmRQ Music by Josh Leake Music. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6XY3F5GeobkAO2_YggWEQ Timestamps:0:00 - Big Spooky’s intro1:23 - Welcome & community questions6:43 - Clash recap26:35 - LCS News38:41 - Interview with Anca