“Living On Purpose” Dr. Ken Keis. On Purpose Author, Speaker, Educator


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Dr. Ken Keis shares his experiences growing up on a dairy farm in Canada. Ken details how he went from studying farming in school, to simultaneously owning his own cattle while working a job in dairy farm equipment sales. After waking up at 5AM and working late into the evening every day for 5 years, upon self-reflection he decided to start a second business and gradually transition to a new career in sales training. Ken couldn’t have known that a chance meeting at a luncheon would change the course of his life, and lead to him eventually completing his Ph.D and becoming the owner of Consulting Resource Group. Download a free copy of The Quest for Purpose at https://kenkeis.com/bio Dr. Keis is the owner of Consulting Resource Group www.crgleader.com Podcast Highlight: Some Kind of Brown, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/some-kind-of-brown-podcast/id1431744270Visit our website https://bitesizebiographies.com, and follow the creator and host on Twitter @CoryThorpe If you enjoy Bite Size Biographies please consider recommending us to a friend.