Loss, Love, and Barbie Cakes [Part 2] | Alison Donnelly


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Today we jump back in with Part 2 of Jonathan’s conversation with Alison Donnelly. Alison is a stay-at-home mom living in Brooklyn and is married to one of Jonathan’s long-time best friends Dan. She and Jonathan talk about what it is like to lose a parent, compare end-of-life stories of their parents and any regrets they may still have, the mixed emotions of watching your children grow up and even slip in the best Barbie cake story you may ever hear!   Key Takeaways:   [1:11] Alison tells the story of getting the tough phone calls during her father’s death. Jonathan waited almost a full year before he talked to his friends about his mom’s death and finds technology a useful tool when dealing with breaking the news to people. [14:21] Alison’s number-one memory of her dad is the help and work he did for her school. Her second one involves an odd incident with a Barbie cake at her eighth birthday. [23:21] Most people find themselves repeating the exact same mannerisms and sayings that annoyed them most about their parents. [44:24] It’s true unconditional love between parent and child and one thing that can help fill the gap when we lose a parent is transferring our love and attention to our children.   Mentioned in This Episode: Formerly Fat Mom Jonathan Greene Medium Page   Quotes: “I think you have the only dad that motorboated a Barbie at an under-10 birthday party.” “It’s not going to be perfect and it’s going to be a hot mess but that’s called being a parent.”