Love is Blind when you’re conventionally attractive


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Love Uncovered

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Robyn and Phil dive into the new-ish Netflix show Love is Blind and discuss strategies for effective arguing, when is the best time to share a secret, and whether it matters if you can see your potential mate if there is a probability they will be conventionally attractive anyway. We also have a new segment where we pick an issue that we don't see eye to eye on and debate who's way is better. Today's debate: the correct sandwich ratio. We'd love to hear your thoughts! Reach out to us on Twitter @Love_Uncovered, or individually to Phil @baconhound and Robyn @MedusaBeth. Big thanks to Our Good Wolf for providing the music of Love Uncovered! Remember to subscribe to Love Uncovered on Spotify,  iTunes or Google Play or anywhere else you get your podcasts from. If you like what you hear please leave a kind review because it helps other people find us! Much love Robyn and Phil