Made Me Watch: Hanna & God Friended Me Finale


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Leah forces Bryant to stop being a slacker and watch Hanna, now that it is actually available on Amazon Prime. Leah let's him give a synopsis the show for a little too long but Bryant was clearly enjoying it.We talk about books that turn into movies that turn into TV. And then we discuss one of the best new TV shows season finale - God Friended Me. We tackle our hopes and concerns for God Friended Me next season as well as discuss what we did and did not expect and why we keep on touting how great this show is. We do a quick recap of things that we watched that are not FIFA - a netflix original called "Huge In France" (we mistakenly call it Gad), Double Shot of Love, and a few others. The first season of Hanna is available on Amazon Prime, I'm sure the book is available on Audible, and the movie is available by purchase on Amazon. God Friended Me ran on CBS and is probably available on demand or on As always, please rate & subscribe. Suggestions, or any comments can be sent to our email Social Media Links: twitter: mademewatchpod instagram: mademewatch email: facebook: