Marie Forleo: Why everything is figureoutable


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Prowess: Stories Of Leaders Who Have An Edge with Ashley Crouch


Have you ever wondered how someone rocketed to the top and earned a place of respect dominating their brand or industry? Are you overwhelmed by the distance you are feeling from the top, but eager and ready to harness your potential and start your rise to the astronomic success you know is waiting? Today is the day to unleash your excellence and start making waves in a noisy world. Listen in to Episode One of the Prowess Podcast as host Ashley Crouch asks business mogul Marie Forleo the tough questions about her unique expertise in brand positioning and how correctly aligning your business will make it, and you, a power player. Marie’s business-savvy ways caught the attention of Oprah and Tony Robbins, and she thinks you can make the same impact by being client-centered and calculating with your business’ positioning. Make sure to listen in during minute 12 as Ashley and Marie discuss the importance of building a business you love and how being devoted to the paradigm shift of honoring your clients is pivotal to being profitable. The biggest takeaways from this episode are:    Adopt the empathy first approach and embrace your zone of genius.  Ashley learned these coveted lessons in Marie’s B-School training program, and agrees that these lessons are timeless and keep entrepreneurs nimble in a marketplace that is continually evolving. More information about B-School can be found at the links below.    Lead with your strength, connect your business with your true self and continue to honor your clients by providing service immersed in benevolence.      Present your story in a courageous, impactful way that makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Messages need to be delivered in a way that resonates, which will exclude you from the crowd in a premiere way. Marie delves into this more in her Trojan Horse Video (linked below!) Ready to embrace being a prowess and known by other premiere brands and tycoons? Tune in now and then follow the links below: Click here to watch Marie Forleo’s Trojan Horse Concept Video:  Click to enroll in B-School with my Publicity Prowess Bonus now!!