MCHH 328: Seal Hospital


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Marine Conservation Happy Hour


Dan Jarvis from British Divers Marine Life Rescue joins us to talk about the brand new seal hospital that just opened in the southwest UK! It's in the one of the busiest areas for seals in the UK- many pups wash up there for a variety of reasons. Now they can help even more than they used to and they have the capacity to participate in a variety of outreach activities as well. This episode is sponsored by Coastal Futures – Innovation for Ocean Recovery, a virtual conference January 18-20th 2022. The conference will have15 sessions & 6 keynotes covering a wide range of major themes that relate to the way we are intending to restore and recover our coastal and marine environment. Key stakeholders and industry leaders, who take a proactive approach to the sustainability agenda in the coastal and marine environment. This annual conference will now include a US component to it and will have US coastal experts attending. Now we can compare and learn from each other and what we are doing For coastal recovery. For more information go to Check out more episodes on our Speak Up For Blue Network website: MCHH Instagram MCHH Twitter