Mindset Matters: Traps 4 and 5 - Perfectionism and Overthinking


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Hello, and welcome to the final session of our Mindset Matters series. Over the past 3 lessons, we’ve discussed the negative consequences that having a lack of confidence, procrastination and operating in fear can have on your business. As I record this, it’s the beginning of 2020. Many of us are in the process of writing our goals and setting intentions for the new year. It was important to me that I teach on these final business traps, perfectionism and overthinking, before you got out of planning mode. Yep, you’re getting a two for one teaching this time. Why? These two issues go hand in hand when stopping you from achieving those business goals you’re super excited about right now. I want you to have your best year ever and understanding the techniques to get over these last two business traps, perfectionism and overthinking, will help.I heard your feedback! You want all the business traps and smart solutions in one place for easy access. I've created The Mindset Matters Companion Guide to do just that.Inside, you'll find...* Complete transcripts of each episode* Links to listen via Spreaker, Spotify and YouTube* BONUS: Questions to help you unpack how each of the traps have been affecting your business* BONUS: A master list of all the smart solutions needed to move past these mind traps Purchase The Mindset Matters Companion Guide now at https://gum.co/mindsetmatters