Miranda: Survivor’s Story “That’s My Shipment”


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Concept of Alexa Chipman Anoria and Bernard set out to stop the lethal shipment of drugs that will be used to experiment on innocent children. Featuring the voice talent of: Survivor – Alexa Chipman Bernard Addison – John Smalley Computer Voice – Katrina Joyner Badger Thug 1 – Michael Liebmann Badger Thug 2 – Alex Gilmour Sound Effects by: Alexa Chipman, Stevie K. Farnaby, Bill Hollweg, Paul Mannering and grsites.com Creative Commons – No Derivatives – Non Commercial – Attribution – 3.0 All characters/etc property of Joss Whedon & Fox, this is for entertainment purposes only, no copyright infringement is intended. Stay shiny!