On Corrugated Packaging Industry | Power Couple Running Business & Life Together Mitul Shah - Niyati Shah


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They say wife and husband should not be together in same business and here is a couple defying the conventional trend and running home and business affairs together successfully and happily.

Lots of business wisdom, learnings and life lessons are shared by Mitul Shah, Director, Supack Industries Pvt Ltd. and if you wish to understand the another side of Supack Industries Pvt Ltd, its CSR activities. maintaining the Karma of the organisation than you need to listen to the Niyati's story. She also brings a spirtual angle to the talk which is so much needed in today's time in entrepreneur's life.

So stay with us to listen to this intriguing story of the Duo- Entrepreneur Couple & their life Journey...

Mitul A Shah joined Supack Industries Pvt Ltd, in the year 2001 after completing his Post Graduation Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship and Management (specialization in Family Business Management) from one of India’s prestigious Entrepreneurship Institute – Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India – Ahmedabad.He has had experience from the Shop Floor Management to Business Management. Having keen interest in Technology, he has travelled widely to understand the technology required for better quality and economies of scale. He has been spearheading technology upgradation at Supack. Currently he is heading the day to day activities of Supack with a strong & experienced team.Mitul A Shah – is also active in Regional and National Association of the Corrugated Industry. Currently he is Governing Council Member for Indian Corrugated Case Manufacturers Association (ICCMA). He was also Trustee in the Gujarat Corrugated Box Manufactures Association and has also held post as Managing Committee Member in the Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers – of India (FCBM). He also was Part of the R & D Committee in the FCBM. He is also a Member of Entrepreneurship Organisation (EO).LinkedIn Link : https://www.linkedin.com/in/mitul-shah-b5669535

Niyati M. Shah- Director

Niyati Shah joined Supack Industries Pvt Ltd as Vice President, in the year 2017. She has studied Masters of Commerce and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship and Management (specialization in New Enterprise Creation) from one of India’s prestigious Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India - Ahmedabad.

Niyati Shah looks after Purchase Planning, Account Receivables & Inventory, apart from heading the CSR activities of the company. Before joining Supack, she had varied experience in Electronic Industry and worked in NGO organization (Not for Profit Organization). She is member with EO Gujarat spousal, EDI Alumni Association and CII's Indian Women Network.

LinkedIn Link : https://www.linkedin.com/in/niyatimshah