Motherhood Reimagined: The Butterfly Effect and Identity Shifts


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Continuing our conversation with guest expert Krusha Sahjwani on what it takes to build a supportive ecosystem around you that helps you with child care as well as your mental well-being. Navigating the postpartum landscape requires more than just a roadmap; it demands a village. 

Our discussion with Krusha taps into the profound necessity for both physical and emotional support systems, recognizing that whether you're an Indian woman at home or abroad, building and managing a nurturing community is paramount. We share strategies for forging a robust support network, from seeking solace in the family to finding solidarity within new circles, ensuring that each mother can flourish while maintaining a delicate balance between personal space and dependable childcare.

Embrace a renewed perspective on parenting as we discuss: 

  • Juxtaposition of societal expectations and role of the mother.
  • Concept of fetal microchimerism.
  • Evolution of motherhood is akin to a butterfly's metamorphosis.
  • Need to include fathers in the organizational and institutional systems.
  • Finding your version of having it all.

So, tune in to this episode to get your toolkit on maintaining career continuity through the incredible journey of parenthood.

About the Guest: 

Krusha Sahjwani is an ICF certified career & life coach for women and helps them unleash their highest potential to find their version of 'having it all'. She is also Director at a global SaaS company, LinkedIn Top Voice and a mother. 



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