Nash Talks | Ep. 10 | Dom Pukes Before An Interview, 100 Subs, Tinder Meetings, and more!


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Nash Talks


On this episode, Alexi and Dominic discuss: 0:10 - shoutout to you guys and Dom! 3:51 - interview discussion - Dom puking on himself! 10:42 - what it's like for the interviewer 15:49 - meeting people through Tinder! 26:50 - Dom's new app idea! 29:52 - how to be happy throughout your life As always, thank you all for watching us! This is so enjoyable for us to make and we deeply appreciate all the love and support! Don't forget to check us out on other social media platforms, and please SUBSCRIBE! Special thanks to helping us hit over 100 subs! Our Website: Instagram: Nashbros_ SoundCloud: Nash Talks iTunes: Nash Talks YouTube