Navigating Success Through the Power of Choice


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Inspirational Business Women Show


Have you ever felt trapped in out-moded thinking of what it takes to be truly successful in life and business? Are you feeling overworked and out of balance? My special guest Paula Houlihan has some revealing answers for you around the power of choice so you can fully enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build…now. Not some distant day in the future. Paula is a transformational speaker and Success Strategist who shows you how to enjoy success on YOUR terms, while letting go of what may be holding you back. Her core message centers around personal empowerment, time management, and the thinking behind your choices. She will share: 1. How to Manage Time for Ultimate Success 2. Why the “Old Success Model” is NOT for Women 3. How to Choose Balance and Enjoy Life Fully Please join us and post your questions for Paula in the comment section. Also be sure to claim Paula’s gift here: Or if you seek more comprehensive support, check out Paula’s Distinct Success Advantage Assessment where you get an in-depth assessment of your strengths, supported by a personalized evaluation that reveals how each of your top 5 Signature Strengths and Core Values work together --- creating your Unique Success Compass. You’ll also receive individual guidance on how to use your Success Compass to create the breakthrough you’ve been wanting in a key area of your life/business that’s been keeping you stuck. And a step by step actionable plan designed to help you create that success on your terms. Don’t miss this show about the Navigating Success Through the Power of Choice. Each #IBWS provides "a Goldmine of Entrepreneurial Tips, Strategies and Advice to grow your business to new Heights of Success from Inspirational Business Women in the Know.” Hear the inspired stories and personal struggles of these amazing women and learn how they rose to the top of their field while making a big impact on the lives of others. As your host, it is my deepest desire to uplift and inspire our "sister entrepreneurs" to pursue their dreams and share their passions with the world. Together we can "make a real difference" across the globe.