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Hello and welcome back! I am your host Lochan Narayanan and I have Ramakrishna Rao with me today. Most people know him as Coach Ram and he is a big advocate of career path transitions. He also works in the Learning and Development department and conducts corporate training and consulting.

Coach Ram shares his personal journey where he studied to become a software developer but didn’t like it, so later did a few odd jobs and learnt coding but finally settled for coaching. He initially coached students in the IT sector but later switched his career path into corporate coaching.

He shares that it is essential to understand that just choosing a hot skill as a career path is not enough. Because a hot skill is not necessarily your heart skill.

Coach Ram also shares that the major topics of his consultations include self doubt, where to start, how to achieve your aspirations and challenges of dealing with a corporate life. 

Tune into the episode as we discuss mid-career blues, what is needed in the career shifting ecosystem and how to choose your dream career. 

About the guest

Ramakrishna Rao a seasoned talent professional with over 18 years of experience in the field of coaching, leadership development, talent management and organizational transformation. He currently holds the role of Chief Learning Officer with Page Industries (Jockey).

Over the years he has supported Organisations across IT, ITES, Retail, and consumer product sectors. Infosys, Wipro, HP, Future Group & Aditya Birla group are some of the organisations he has worked for/with in different capacities. He is also a PCC-level certified coach from International Coaching Federation. He is popularly known as "Coach Ram" in the social circuit. He blogs regularly on LinkedIn and is known for his insightful posts and book summaries on personal effectiveness, talent management, leadership development and career building. His newsletter 'Career Trek' on Linkedin is one of the most followed ones.

Some of his accolades are:

Top 35 Young HR Leaders award, TAPMI & PB Consulting 2022

Top 100 Global HR Influencer 2022 by Engagedly (peer group of Leena Nair, Dave Ulrich & Josh Bersin)

Top 100 HR professionals by Jombay

Linkedin Campus knowledge program – Expert creator

Top 10 Retail L&D professionals & Top 10 Sales L&D professionals by Transformance forums

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