New Moon Goals and Overwhelm During, Despite and Beyond Lockdown with Victoria Adams


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Victoria Adams' Healthy Body Happy Mind Podcast


Now is the time to start anew, begin new projects, new challenges, maybe in lockdown now is the time to finally start whatever it is you’ve been thinking about but for whatever reason you’ve still not been able to start. Here is where you can start.This time is felt as time of overwhelm for many people. Overwhelm has been an issue for many of us before STAYHOME became a hashtag. The new moon marks a turning. As the light grows, the moon waxes, this is a time considered to be most favourable for new work, new goals, new health kicks, and even new beginnings. So if you have an urge to sit down and really think things through, in a positive, get  sh*t done kind of way... now is almost the time. And now is the certainly the time to prepare for that. Get your pen and paper. Let's @victoriaadamsSupport the show (