Night Shots : Adventures of the Federated Tec ep 8


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Chronosphere Fiction


Here is episode eight, the Season One Finale of Adventures of the Federated Tea, "Night Shots", adapted by Mark Slade from Hammett's seventh published Op story, in 1924. This is the season one finale, and we hope you enjoy it and will join us for season 2, coming soon.  "Night Shots" was directed by Pete Lutz, mixed and mastered by Daniel French of Fishbonius Sound Design.  Our Cast consisted of the following players: ANNOUNCER: Darren Rockhold THE FEDERATED TEC/FARM HANDS 2 & 3: Pete Lutz GALLAWAY: Jeff Moon MRS. GALLAWAY: Rachel Pulliam DRIVER/SHANDY/MR. FIGG/FARM HAND 1: John Bell MISS CAYWOOD: Angela Young MR. EXON: Frank Guglielmelli DR. RENCH: Paul Arbisi MRS. FIGG: Geri Elliff THE OLD MAN: Joe Stofko Sound Design by Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design Theme and certain incidental passages by Dr. Ross Bernhardt