Non-Canonical Land - Christmas Special


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La La La Land


Happy Holiday's everyone! In this special episode of La La La Land, the boys are transported to Non-Canonical Land - A place where no matter what you do it has no weight on the overall canon of a story, Like the Star Wars Christmas Special! Starlight and Flower Child meet Santa who is not at all like how you were told he would be. It like they say, never meet your mythical deity heroes who have the power to always be watching you. He enlist them on the war for which holiday is the best so Santa can finally get the credit he deserves for all the presents. If they don't help, they'll be stuck in Santa's Cabin forever. Along the way they meet a cavalcade of different holiday characters (some not even from this season). What do they want from Smooch? How will the boys get back to their regular story line? Why didn't David Bowie know who Bing Crosby was when he walked into his house? Find out all of this and more on this weeks episode of La La La Land!