On Personal Redemption - Parshat Vaera


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Hey Sweetest Friends -    Thanks to my dear friend David Montag, I am re-emerging with a few new shu-shines!   We stand at the crossroads of our future.  Right now.  And our future calls to us.  It begs us to redeem it.  In this moment, with perfect faith in all we can be and all the world has to offer, we can redeem a future spectacular in every way.  But should we doubt ourselves, God, or the world…  well then… the future can only be as grand as you dream it to be…   Last week, in the Torah portion called “Names”, I recorded a meditation about the unusual name that God gave himself when asked by Moses: God called Himself the ‘God of Dreams’.   And this week, in the Torah portion called “And I will appear" we are given the keys to personal redemption, so that we can make our newly awakened dreams come true.   May we all be blessed to dream the greatest dreams – for ourselves, all those we love, and the world — and then redeem our deepest potential to make those dreams come true!!   With Tons of love, ~Shu