Organizational GRIT: Connecting the Dots Across the Patient Journey


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GRIT in Medicine


Guest: Janine R. Kamath, M.A., M.B.A. (@JanineKamath)Hosts: Anjali Bhagra, M.D. (@anjalibhagramd) and Susan M. Moeschler, M.D. (@SMoeschlerMD)Janine R. Kamath, M.A., M.B.A., states that GRIT is, “having a passionate vision followed by ideas and action…GRIT is not just about dreaming, but it is also about doing…It’s dreaming and doing with a higher purpose.” As technology moves forward with artificial intelligence and machine learning, how can we as healthcare providers ensure that we don’t lose that higher purpose – the human element necessary for quality care?Connect with the team on Twitter @MayoGRIT and the community with #MayoGRIT.