Our Country is a S**t Show


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Yes, we went there. This week we are talking about the the State of our Nation - jk - this is just a rant. And yes, we’re getting political. We've been wanting to do an episode like this for awhile now and after this past week we finally decided it was time. Disclaimer - our show, our platform, our thoughts - haters can leave, just don’t press play, we make an effort to educate ourselves and stay informed, we listen to our parents and networks with an open mind but then look for our own answers and encourage you to do the same. If anything comes out of this episode I hope it encourages you to vote. We've put together some resources for you to help you with all of your voting needs.https.www.Vote.orgRegister to vote! If you're not 18 yet you can pledge to register to vote hereYou can also sign up for election reminders so you'll never miss an election.Rock the VoteBallotReady: Do your research and learn more about what is on your ballot Don't forget to follow us at @happyishthepodcast on Instagram, like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest. You can email us at happyishthepodcast@gmail.com. Follow Courtney at @clfordd, Emily at @emily.kyle.d P.S. Our necklaces have launched and you can place your order here!P.S.S. Make sure to tag us in your 'I Voted' photos! Stay happy, healthy and VOTE! :) xoxo