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The boys are back talking stew and taking calls // No winter jackets // Spending 269+69 on Legos // Buying your way out of depression // What's the side effect? // Mental health gymnastics // Casually asking about wanting to die // White morpheus bryan // You should smoke a joint and go to the movies // A panic attack before every show // TIME magazine apologizes for darkening OJ Simpons skin on magazine cover // Faked having cancer to sell a diet // Saying edgy shit just to be edgy // Dropping Tom Sawyer quotes // 1st Caller: Danny from Brooklyn (not a hitler fan) calling into talk about the recent NYPD deaths parades and Ebay hustling // Hitler the little stinker // Every white person was racist when HP Lovecraft was alive // The Help // 2 day parades for cops // Cop party on Time Square // Pataskala police sleeping on “patrol” // Subway workers built their own man cave // Signing a waiver to get rid of your breaks // We could kill you, Enjoy your shopping // Bootlegos // Thrift Store Legos, great band name but bad time // Legoland pilgrimage // Bryans theme park obsession // Bryan cried on every roller coaster he has ever been on // 2nd Caller: Lucas from Connecticut calling into talk about the Milli Vannili concert that ended their career. // No one cared it skipped at the Milli Vannili concert // Type O Negative animatronic concert // Ozzfest 97 riot // 3rd Caller: Gavin from Nebraska to talk about his recent acid experience. // Too high to be high // Acid lessons // 6 hits the first time // Clusterfucked // // Community stew // 4th Caller: Bear calling back in to report the Chilis life. If you want to hear Bryan go deeper into the lives of the world of Butt Rock then you should check out our Patreon where you can get access to “Buttfest! 2000” plus a slew of other series that are updated every week! - Join the chat to talk to us while we record these episodes live every wednesday and sunday at 8pm on Twitch,Youtube & Facebook. Street Fight Radio Twitch - Street Fight Radio Youtube - Street Fight Radio Facebook - Every Sunday at 8pm we do a show where we take calls from y’all. If you want to call in you can reach us at - (614) 655-3887 We love getting free things from y’all! Street Fight Mail - P.O Box 82306 Columbus, OH 43202