Q&A With "The New Koreans" Author Michael Breen At The "Seoul Book & Culture Club"


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Barry Welsh's "Seoul Book and Culture Club" recently played host to author Michael Breen, who discussed his newly released book "The New Koreans". To better understand the text & the Q&A session contained in this podcast, in our previous episode, Korea FM spoke with Breen about "The New Koreans" & why it was written. Now, in the final chapter of that discussion, we bring you audio of the Q&A with author Michael Breen & those in attendance at Barry Welsh's public meeting of the Seoul Book & Culture Club.Stream this episode online at http://www.spreaker.com/user/seoulitup/q-a-with-the-new-koreans-author-michael-Download the full episode at http://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/12150609/2017_06_19_the_new_koreans_q_a.mp3Rate & Review this podcast at http://bit.ly/KFMReviewThis episode is brought to you by Podcast Assist & its $30 per hour flat rate podcasting voice overs, editing, mastering, transcriptions & even hosting (select a topic, they'll create & host the podcast). Visit Facebook.com/PodcastAssist for more information.Subscribe to this & other Korea FM original content via:iTunes - http://apple.co/1O91B39Overcast - http://bit.ly/KFMovercastRSS - http://bit.ly/KFMfeedStitcher - http://bit.ly/KFMstitcherPlayer FM - http://bit.ly/KFMplayerfmTunein - http://bit.ly/KFMtuneinAcast - http://bit.ly/KFMacast