Quaker Cemetery in Prospect Park: Special Micro- Episode!


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Discreetly hidden away in Prospect Park, there is a 10- acre cemetery.  The land belonged to the Quakers of New York City long before the park grew up around it.  It's hard to imagine a more peaceful and happy place to be laid to rest.  Join Kate and Kathleen to learn a bit more about Quakers, about how the cemetery happened, and even about how you might be able to claim a plot on this patch of private land in one of the most gorgeous parks in the world. Learn about how to get to the cemetery to pay your respects. Learn more about the Friends Society (aka Quakers) here, or specifically NYC Quakers and their quarterly meeting or monthly meeting. All burial- related information is available as well. You can learn more about Mary McDowell, the badass Quaker schoolteacher who now has a Brooklyn school named after her. Don't forget to visit the Facebook page for lots of great photos-- and the map to the cemetery!