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Read Rebel Repeat

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Deepti is an actor, director, documentary filmmaker and street theatre activist who wears many other hats. An Alumni of National School of Drama, TIE Wing, Tripura, she has conducted several workshops for children and adults in schools, colleges and universities. She also writes songs, stories and plays for children. She has a long association with Haryana Gyan Vigyan Samiti and ‘Jatan Natya Kendra,’ Haryana, a socio-cultural organisation. Listen to her talk about how theatre emerged as a life altering choice for many women in Haryana and the struggle of transition from an individual in a private space to a 'social being' actively participating in the society. Watch Deepti’s recent documentary, Unne-Caesarean on YouTube here- ( ). Books and writers mentioned in the podcast: Writers: Shubha ( ), Jyotsna, Mahadevi Verma’s body of work. Books: A room of one's own by Virginia Woolf, The High-Caste Hindu Woman by Pandita Ramabai, A Vindication of The Rights of Women by Mary Wollstencraft, The Subjection of Women by J S Mill, The second Sex by Simone De Beauvoir All books are available in Hindi.

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P.S. Apologies for the bad editing, our conversation was never going to end!