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Read Rebel Repeat

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Vimala KS, is the firebrand leader of the women’s movement in Karnataka. She is the Founding Member and presently the State Vice President of the ‘All India Democratic Women’s Association,’ (AIDWA) or Janawadi Mahila Sanghathane in Karnataka  She is the convenor of ‘Samvidhana oodu’ or ‘Reading the Constitution’ campaign.As the joint secretary of Samudaya, the well known cultural organisation, she has seen the street theatre movement emerge and grow from close quarters.  She has also edited books on women under the International Women's Day centenary series by Chintana pusthaka. The books in this series are listed here- Mahila Vimochaneya Horatagala Nuuru Varshagalu, Niinuntu Ninna Rekkegaluntu, Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxumberg, Dashakada Mahila Sahityadalli Pratirodhada Nelegalu  Other books and writers discussed in the podcast-   The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State by Friedrich Engels,  On the Emancipation of Women by Vladimir Lenin,  Chithralekha by V M Inamdar,  Other writers-   Alexandra Kollontai, Mythili Sivaraman