Responsible Pain Management And New Pain Modalities


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This video, featuring Jag Desai, MD, a pain, sports, and regenerative medicine specialist, and compounding pharmacist, John Bellitti, discuss pain management and new pain modalities.It seems like, due to Covid-19, we've all forgotten about pain management. At the end of 2019, pain management was one of the hottest topics of discussion in the healthcare space. There were even multiple documentaries on Netflix about the issues related to pain management practices and companies on a broad scale. That said, under new guidelines and regulations, there are practitioners responsibly prescribing controlled and pain medication. In this episode, we discuss the stigmas associated with pain management, how prescribers can practice responsible pain management, and a few new modalities for pain.Hosted by personal trainer / nutrition coach Vince Bellitti (NASM-CPT, WLS, Pn1) and Compounding Pharmacist John Bellitti (RPh). Both with Gaspar's Best and HB Pharmacy.This episode was pre-recorded at Core Medical & Wellness in Lyndhurst, NJ (