Ryan Heffington, Choreographer & Director, “Don’t Care & Don’t Stop”


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My guest on this week’s podcast is a choreographer and art director, and he and I lived together for a 9-week stint in New York City, where we were both cast in an off Broadway show with our friend Margaret (Cho). Even though that was 2007, it feels like more than a lifetime ago - so much has changed for the both of us. In particular, he has expanded and exploded, and is in high demand for his unique and visionary style of movement direction. I can guarantee everyone listening has seen his work, maybe without realizing it, because his work circulated literally, BILLIONS of times. Heres a hint: #chandelier.  He has the gift and ability to make absolutely anyone to feel good about moving their body as art and expression, IF you’re willing. I loved catching up with my old friend Ryan Heffington, hope you enjoy our chat.