S20E2 - Sgt. Slaughter & Wayne Brady [Raw Guest Hosts]


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Final Wrestling Place Podcast


Season 20 - Where It All Begins... AGAIN! Marcus and Tim are back at it with our the start of our first official list as we breakdown the greatest decision Donald Trump ever made - the start of the Raw Guest Host era! In this episode, we break down possibly the best and worst Raw Guest Hosts EVER with WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter and Wayne Brady! How does the Sarge hold up on a Raw on foreign soil in Canada? How does Wayne Brady fair post WWE Draft on the Cutting Edge? Tune in and find out!Share your #GoodPlaceMoment and #BadPlaceMoment of the week or slide into our DMs for any show topics you'd like for us to cover!Final Wrestling Place is a proud member of the Soon To Be Named Network! Follow along on Twitter!Check Tim out on The A Show on CKCC Radio as he drafts and builds a fantasy Thunder based on the WCW 2000 roster!Get your Soon To Be Named Network merch thanks to TeePublic! Check out our designs at here!Check out our other podcast over at the North-South Connection - Viewer's Choice!Want to know where you can follow the show? We've got you!