Season 03, Episode 018, Galaxy 4


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DW Don't Blink


Join us as we discuss the 18th Serial of Doctor Who. This Season 3 opener aired between September 11 and October 2, 1965 with William Hartnell as the Doctor who, with his companions, end up beteween the Drahvins and Rill who have both crashed on a dieing planet. But who to believe? The beautiful amazonian Dharvins or the beastly reptilian Rill with their domed robot Chumblies. I apologize for the quality of the audio at the end. . The memory card in our main recording device ran out of space since I forgot to clear out the old recordings, and the backup was set at too high a volume. I promise not to let that happen again! I have reuploaded this episode tweaking the ending a bit so its not such a sudden loudness in your ears. If you like us, Follow us on Twittter @DWDont_Blink , Facebook @DWDontBlink, and Instagram at dwdont_blinkOriginal Posting Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2017