Season 10, Episode 264, The Return of Doctor Mysterio


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DW Don't Blink


Our time travelers Krysten and Anthony take a break from the past and watch the 2016 Christmas Special before their next trip back to 1965. So this time instead of black and white slideshow missing episodes, they are treated to full color HD resolution having seen this episode in the movie theater through the special events that put on. Keep an eye there for other Doctor Who theater events! We join the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) as he goes back to New York to deal with the paradoxes caused by the Angels Take Manhattan. His visit unintentionally creates the superhero The Ghost when the boy Grant eats a wish granting stone. When the Doctor with his companion Nardole (Matt Lucas) return to keep an eye on The Ghost he joins them in thwarting the invasion plans of a race of alien brains (where is Barbara with her stick when you need her!). Don't worry, next week we're back to 1965 and William Hartnell!Original Posting Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2017