Season 2 - Episode 11: Whisker Away


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Have  you always wanted to be a cat? Dylan doesn't mind the idea very much, as long as he can be a shady used car salesman cat. Tommy on the other hand would rather pass on the cleaning oneself and lack of wearing pants. The guys get together this week to figure out of Netflixe's whisker away is a solid cant nip fueled ride? or just a sleepy snooze fest by the window, waiting for something better to come by? Find out on this weeks purrrrrfect review.?!?!SPOILER WARNING !?!?!The guys spill the beans on all the canned food and movies, to see the film's score first and decide if its worth your money to go, follow them on Instagram: are posted there in advance of show going live every time. Like the show? Consider buying us a cup of coffee at the show (