Season 4, Episode 47 - Food & Sustainability Founder Courtney Bell and Her Heartful Exit with Ungraded Produce


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Welcome to Season 4 of the WatchPitch Podcast where we continue with our particular focus on exits... for start-ups, entrepreneurs and business exit strategy that could be the result of a Merger, an Acquisition or the outright sale of your business. And our program today features an in-depth discussion with a Founder who did just that, she sold her company. Courtney Bell is passionate about Food and sustainability. Her story starts during her Junior year during an internship in Detroit but with an idea that was going to be launched back in Raleigh - Durham finishing up her Senior year at Duke University. We get into the specifics of her building a company, Ungraded Produce from the ground up with a tiny corner of a cold storage unit and the trunk of her car. The story is fresh from only a few months ago and in this conversation you will discover a roadmap that must always return to your well being and what is best for your customers. The arc of the exit just isn’t being talked about enough and that’s why we are, let’s jump in and get started! I especially love this story because Courtney’s heart never leaves the room. Never leaves the business and the people who she has partnered with whether it’s her customers, her employees or her supporters. And most certainly, if our hearts as Founders are not in our business, then as a leader, we will not get to that finish line, whether that is in 2-years, 5 or 50-ears. We are thrilled you watched and/or listened to this WatchPitch Episode as we continue to explore the world of exits, mergers and acquisitions for business Founders and Owners ! Thank you for listening and/or watching the WatchPitch channel and podcast.