Season 4, Episode 49 - The Inside Track and Valuations with Tim Montgomery of Redwood Valuation


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Welcome to Season 4 of the WatchPitch Podcast where we continue with our particular focus on exits... for start-ups, entrepreneurs and business exit strategy that could be the result of a Merger, an Acquisition or the outright sale of your business. Our focus is on what everyone needs when you are poised for an exit...a valuation... of exactly just what your business is worth. Redwood Valuation Director Tim Montgomery, a company with bases in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Atlanta will surprise you in this episode as that number, that valuation, is more subjective than you think. What are the factors a valuation team is looking at ? Well we will discover how much the adage that investing in the jockey, more than the horse, is more accurate than you can imagine. The arc of the exit just isn’t being talked about enough and that’s why we are, let’s jump in and get started! So yes, there is a formula for determining value, especially when it is linked to 5-years in the future for investors. So if you are an owner, a Founder, building your business, if you aren’t planning for building your business to last, rather than just planning for your exit, your valuation and the interest of investors will fall way short of your expectations. Bottom line: build a team and business to last. We are thrilled you watched and/or listened to this WatchPitch Episode as we continue to explore the world of exits, mergers and acquisitions for business Founders and Owners ! Thank you for listening and/or watching the WatchPitch channel and podcast.