Short Film - "Real Mature" - With Dj and Ken


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Ken and DJ are some of the origonal contributors at State-Lines.  They moved out to LA years ago in pursuit of a career in film.  They started a production company and have made some really amazing short films that you absolutely need to check out.  Well, they are working on their newest short, "Real Mature", and they need your help! Principal photography is done, and they just need a little bit of money to finish the film the right way.  Give to their indie gogo campaign and help them to score the film, add effects, enter it in to festivals, and hopefully get their work noticed.  This podcast is about the film, and the film makers.  Jarrett, Ken, and DJ go way back, and we think you'll enjoy their banter. #StateLines. SPONSOR US! If you would like to be a sponsor of the State-Lines Podcast or any of the podcasts on the State-Lines Network: