Siesta Kiki - Season 2 - THIS IS THE END!!


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Siesta Kiki


Welcome back to the Kiki! Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Le Sigh. The end of another season, another era in the Key of Siesta. This week Garrett consoles Kelsey as Kel-Cara loses her cool and reveals her inner classist, Chloe doesn’t disappoint being the head gossip in charge and leaves Pauly rapping the blues, Madisson and Brandon leave us hopeful for more video romances in the future, Juliette’s vocabulary expands to “great” and “awesome”, Jared will do anything to keep his buzz from being killed, Juliette’s mom drinks from the world’s longest champagne flute, Alex get some support from the elder Kompos on the swamp, Amanda proves to be HBIC, and much, much more! Follow us on Instagram @siestakikipodcast