Simone Biles is a Multi Level G.O.A.T.


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Simone Biles is a multi-level G.O.A.T. Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens gets COVID for the second time. It's easy to believe conspiracy theories about healthcare. People are wearing disguises to get their COVID vaccine. Who wants to get COVID from their chicken fried steak? Lizzo hasn't killed anyone. Kanye is brilliant in more than music. Amazon is giving your Alexa a new name if you want. How do you get $45,000 a month for child support when they don't live with you? You absolutely cannot buy a planet. Why do they give you 50 slices of bread when you buy a BBQ plate? Reason number 451 why a woman will catch you cheating. Woman arrested for playing the uncensored version of W.A.P. at a public pool.