Sincere Spread of Lips


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Sara_Talavera.JPG ...I want my smile to be a small reflection of who Jesus is..." Sara Talavera, General Studies Student Listen Now Talavera_Sara.mp3 Transcript The tears that I dare not shed lie behind my smile. But as I smile, I know that people see it and smile in return. Receiving that smile makes me smile more and helps my sadness go away. My philosophy of healthcare lies in a smile. Though it may sound simple and naive, I believe that in the first step in helping someone is to offer an understanding and kind smile. Through that sincere spread of lips, we quickly enable others to feel at ease. Therefore making their hospital stay more bearable. I want my smile to be a small reflection of who Jesus is. Once I do that, I know that through Him, I can make a difference for someone. In the words of Leo Buscaglia “Too often we underestimated the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, or the smallest act of caring. All of which have the potential to turn a life around.”