Smart Home Tech! How to get your best internet connection and new smart home tech for 2021


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With plenty of us working from home still in fall of 2021 and more and more streaming options hitting us, we need to have that internet that we pay good money for working at its best. We want to get what we pay for right? Many times we assume its too many people using it or its the weather when its a problem inside or outside of our homes. Lets talk about how to get your internet working at its best and then dive into some of the best new smart home devices for 2021. Thanks for listening to Around the house if you want to hear more please subscribe so you get notified of the latest episode as it posts at ( We love comments and we would love reviews on how this information has helped you on your house! Thanks for listening! For more information about the show head to ( We have moved the Pro Insider Special on Thursday to its new feed. It will no longer be on this page. You can find it and subscribe right here: ( )