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Love Uncovered

Society & Culture

Does everyone have that one perfect person who completes them and will bring them a joy that they have never experienced before? Does that person have to be a sexual partner? Is it possible to have more than one perfect person in your life? At the same time? On this episode of Love Uncovered, Robyn and Phil discuss all of these questions and more with the help of cultural anthropology expert, Katie Biittner. What do you think about the idea of a soulmate? Could you enter into a polyamorous relationship? Reach out to us on Twitter @Love_Uncovered, or to Phil and Robyn @baconhound and @MedusaBeth. If you want to hear more from Katie, you can find her on Twitter @KBiittner. Remember to subscribe to Love Uncovered on iTunes or Google Play or anywhere else you get your podcasts from. If you like what you hear please leave a kind review because it helps other people find us! Much love Robyn and Phil