Spiritualism: Hot Mediums and Sex Magic


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Happy Hour Gets Weird


Early spiritualists the Davenport Brothers and their musical boners. Dr., Teacher, Leader of a Secret Society, and Sex Magician among other titles....Paschal Beverly Randolph. Don't miss this one!!Drinking a Spicy Cucumber Grapefruit Martini. Cheers!!Drink Recipe and pictures on our Instagram.Happyhourgetsweird@gmail.comInstagram @happyhourgetsweirdpodTwitter @HHGetsWeirdThank you for listening! Subscribe and don't forget to leave us a review on Apple podcasts.Sources:Mediums/ Davenport episodewww.weirdhistorian.comWikipediaYoutube - Creepy Little Book: The Rosicrucian Paschal Beverly Randolph