Step Three - Part Three - What are you using to fill the Hole in the Donut? | Ben Kaneaiakala - Addiction


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Phoenix Rising Addiction Center Podcast


Phoenix RisingThis is Part 3 of a video series on Step Three of the 12 Step Program.  I will be discussing Step Three "Made a Decision to Turn My Thinking and Behaviors Over to your Being"  The 12 Steps is a Great tool to use to address the BIGGEST ADDICTION IN THE WORLD - THE THINKING!  Looking forward to sharing more on Step One.Phoenix Rising Addiction Center has created these videos to inform and educate people of the biggest addiction of the world found in our excessive, compulsive, and repetitive thoughts and thinking.  These are found internally and externally through pain and suffering with various addictions (such as substance abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, stress, anxiety, loneliness, not good enough, etc, etc, etc.) If you want to be free and not a slave of the thinking, we are here to help.SPOTIFY PODCAST  PODCASThttps://phoenixrisingpodcast.buzzsprout.comYOUTUBE Support the show ($phoenixrisingac)