Stuart Shanker on Reframing for a Just Society


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Groundless Ground Podcast


Stuart Shanker, PhD is a world-renown author, researcher and scholar on self-regulation science and creator of the groundbreaking Self-Reg method for cultivating mental and physical well-being. His life’s work has focused on the beneficial role that positive stress plays in children’s development and learning, and the harmful effects of excessive negative stress on parents, educators, and children. His new book, REFRAMED: Self-Reg for a just society, explores self-regulation in wider, social terms and unpacks the unique science and conceptual practices that are the very lifeblood of the Self-Reg. I have been a big proponent of the Self-Reg methodology and recommend the Self-Reg books and website resources to patients struggling with poor parenting skills and child behavioral problems. Dialoging with Stuart Shanker was simultaneously humbling and affirming. He felt like both a kindred spirit and a wise elder. This episode presents a doable path for healing societal distress and discord by bravely, collectively solving the existential crises of our time.Self-Reg website Shanker is Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology at York University. An internationally celebrated speaker, thinker, and writer, Dr.  Shanker is one of the world’s leading authorities on self-regulation. Stuart trained intensively in child psychotherapy under Stanley Greenspan; he was the Director of the Milton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative at York University; President of the Canadian Council of Early Child development; Director of the council of Human Development; and has served for many years as an advisor to government and education organizations across Canada and internationally. Since 2012 he has been Founder/CEO of The MEHRIT Centre.