TGNJ 094: Donald Trump & Tic Tacs Foreplay = Campaign Meltdown


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Two Guys named Joe - The DiSano & Munem report

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Political consultants Joe DiSano and Joe Munem discuss Donald Trump's disastrous encounter 11 years ago with an open microphone and the consequences that event is now having for the Republican party, both nationally and statewide.   Both Joes appeared on Michigan Public Radio's "Issue and Ale" last Monday and you can catch the entire event on their website.  Email your text or audio comments (.mp3 or .wav) comments to us:  or visit to leave comments. If you wish to be part of the show, email a text or an audio file (either .wav or .mp3). Please limit the file size to under 10 megs. Leave a message on our comment line: 248-631-4077. Views of expressed by the hosts are their own and do not reflect those of others.