The 10th Clew pt1: Adventures of the Federated Tec


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Chronosphere Fiction


So here is episode six, part 1 of "The Tenth Clew", adapted by Pete Lutz from Hammett's sixth published Op story, in 1924. We hope you enjoy it and will join us for future episodes.  ADVENTURES OF THE FEDERATED TEC WAS CONCEIVED BY PETE LUTZ AND DEVELOPED BY PETE LUTZ AND MARK SLADE. "The Tenth Clew" was directed by Pete Lutz, mixed and mastered by Daniel French of Fishbonius Productions.  Our Cast consisted of the following players: ANNOUNCER: Darren Rockhold THE FEDERATED TEC: Pete Lutz SGT. O'GAR: Jason D. Johnson CHARLES GANTVOORT: John Bell DETECTIVE: Jeff Moon WHIPPLE/VOICE: Mark Kalita ABERNATHY: Frank Guglielmelli CREDA DEXTER: Rhiannon McAfee THEME/INCIDENTAL MUSIC: Dr. Ross Bernhardt Join us next time for episode seven, "The Tenth Clew (part 2)"!