The 6 habits that changed my life forever


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Zillionaire Superstars


Laura DiBenedetto is America’s Happiness Coach and the #1 Bestselling Author of The Six Habits, CEO of Vision Advertising, and TEDx Speaker.Laura describes herself as an ordinary person who’s been through the ringer, and came out swinging. In this episode, Laura is a no-nonsense communicator who shares the fact she follows no daily success ritual, the fact that she became an entrepreneur as a result of being a terrible employee having 14 jobs in one year - half she was fired from and the other jobs she left. Laura realised things had to change in life when she realised the wasteland inside her mind and the challenges she encountered in being kind to oneself.Lastly, the moment we both became teary when Laura shared the most harrowing moment of her life when her father helped her escape from a domestic abuse situation. All of the running from her pain, ultimately led to her greatest success, a moment of surrender which led to her passion and purpose in life, helping others by writing her book The 6 Habits - practical tools for bringing your dreams to life and most recently sharing her story at TedX.