The Alchemy of Reiki, with Rosalyn


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Religion & Spirituality

Rosalyn is a reiki practitioner, nature lover and adventure seeker. In our conversation she shares the beautiful ways nature has become a spiritual teacher, including her experiences with the wind. Rosalyn also highlights the gift of giving yourself a break, the mirroring within lineage healing and how she enjoys a traditional career while also holding space as a Reiki practitioner. Rosalyn was drawn to energy work as a way of deepening understanding of herself, alleviating her anxiety, and improving her daily mental and emotional health. Through meditation, nature, sound healing, yoga, reiki, and so much more she has been able to understand the beautiful ways that we can find healing and love for ourselves when the world may not always show us we can. She is passionate about sharing her story and the outlets she uses to find inner peace and balance to empower others with their own healing.  You can find her on her website, podcast, and social media at or @twowolveswellness on Facebook and Instagram. I hope you enjoy this fourth installment of the Alchemy of Reiki series and find inspiration through what's shared. Visit to learn more about Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist, and to join the Alchemy Circle. Xo