THE BREAK DOWN (TBD): #15 TOP GUNS with John White & Cameron Pilley


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Thank again for tuning in and we hope you Enjoy the show!   It’s not every day, we get to welcome world record holders onto the show, and today, we are talking to not one but two of them! Cameron Pilley is a former world number 11 squash player hailing from Australia. He now lives in New York, where he is the director of junior squash at the Apawamis Club. John White, also from Down Under, the former world number one, and now works as the head coach for the men's and women’s teams at Drexel University in Philadelphia. In this episode, we talk about the record John held, which Cameron subsequently broke, and the two of them share their feelings on the matter. We then dive into what some of the biggest game-changers in everyone’s lives have been. From having children to the advent of the internet, there is much to be grateful for in all of our lives. Rounding the conversation off, we talk about who and what the biggest game-changers in squash have been. Tune in to hear it all!   Key Points From This Episode:   The world record that John held that Cameron broke some years after. The viral video where Cameron hit his brother in the back with squash balls. Hear about the story behind Cameron’s famous watermelon video. A player that John believes hit the ball harder than him or Cameron. How John and Cameron’s respective games were affected by their hard-hitting reputations. John and Cameron’s take on some serious ball smashers. The possibility of an exhibition match between John and Cameron. Three of the biggest game-changers Cameron has seen in his lifetime. What Bill notes as the game-changers in his life. Notable inventions and events John highlights as game-changers in his life. How the internet has changed the way we connect and communicate. The game-changers in Connor’s life. Two players that changed the game of squash, according to Cameron. Bill’s insights into what changed the game of squash. Who the game-changers in squash are, as told by John. The infrastructural changes that have changed the game. How John prepares his players to play on glass courts, which they don’t have at Drexel. Connor’s take on the game-changers in squash. Reflecting on the challenges of having a podcast; Cameron’s insights.   Tweetables:   “And then you get some young whippersnapper by the name of Cam Pilley coming up, and he throws the ball up and he hits it a little bit faster. I will say, for the record, he does hold the record for the forehand hardest hit; he does have a weak backhand.” — John White [0:06:11]   “You got to start realizing that you’ve got to use the pace wisely, and at a certain time, you know that you can get that ball through the court and put that person under pressure, as opposed to just hacking it. ” — John White [0:16:39]   “If I started hitting the ball a little bit harder, after one or two games, I found it hard to then revert back to how I should be playing.” — @campilley [0:18:04]   “We both hit the ball the hardest.” — @campilley [0:53:13]   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:   Cameron Pilley The Apawamis Club John White Cameron Pilley Hitting a Squash Ball at his Brother Mohamed ElShorbagy Omar Mosaad Jonathon Power Nicol Squash Drexel University Comments From The Couch Paul Johnson Ramy Ashour Squash Radio Conor O'Malley on Twitter Bill Buckingham on Twitter   REACH OUT:  FAN FOLLOW UP > The Appendix!! In this segment, we will be sharing the feedback, comments, insights, you name it!  So reach out us on social media or email As always, thanks for listening! SPONSOR SUPPORT: BIA Sports They were on a mission to develop the best court shoe EVER.  These shoes are performance ready, straight out of the Box.  Made by squash player for Squash players! The latest shoes are out BIA FORCE X, go to their website take a look!