The Evolution of Family Fizz with Viral Youtubers Darren and Georgie


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Generation V


It’s no secret that raising a family can be challenging; however, raising a vegan family can be even more difficult due to the amount of outside opinions on how we should raise our children. But what about raising a vegan family in front of an audience of over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, and allowing complete strangers to get an intimate look at some of your most personal family experiences? This is exactly how Darren and Georgie from Family Fizz, an extremely popular YouTube channel, have been living their lives for the past three years. Their online journey began as a vegan fitness channel that provided evidence-based information on how to live a healthier life. It has since evolved into a family entertainment channel involving their three daughters: Mia, Sienna, and newborn Karma -- who, by the way, already has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and is only a few months old. However, their story hasn’t always been so light-hearted. So stay tuned to find out how this couple transformed their dak substance-abusing past to becoming thriving, plant-based parent role models.   “It feels amazing to be committed to good things.” - Darren Fizz   If you like this episode Screenshot it Post it on your Instagram Story or Twitter Tag Nimai, Bianca, and Generation V! What do you want to hear from the Generation V Podcast? Tell us here!   Timestamps: 08:56 - How Darren and Georgie found each other in the midst of self-destruction.   15:08 - How they stopped living for the weekend and changed the course of their lives. 20:30 - How did the transition to veganism happen? 31:22 - Is veganism healthy for children? Can you help them be enthusiastic about it? 37:35 - The community that helped fuel Darren and Georgie’s new passion for vegan fitness, and why they stopped focusing on cardio to focus on weight-training. 49:09 - The beginning of Darren and Georgie’s blog journey. Why did they want to share what they were learning? 55:35 - How did they transition from blogging to sharing their message on YouTube? 1:05:53 - Darren and Georgie’s evolution to producing content as a vegan family. 1:18:57 - What it’s like to live with an audience, and how Darren and Georgie keep their children grounded while encouraging their passions. Resources: Vegan Runners   Connect with Darren and Georgie: YouTube Instagram Twitter Connect with Nimai: Facebook Instagram Youtube ThriveMarket Discount Code: Nimai10